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Powerful8s team as dedicated their time and effort on saving your time and money.Base on customers reviews and feedback, you can rest your mind on every products we recommend. And you can find expert that will help you through it, almost for free, or do it for you with toking amount. :-).

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Top 4 products In The Powerful House

The Top 4 Products We Highly recommend For Your Business To Grow Beyond Your Imagination

How To Become A MillionaireWorth $499

Millionaire is the new middle-class. It’s time to get your money right. Things are changing fast. You will learn: A step-by-step process on how to create wealth just as Grant did. The ability to be a hero to others and give beyond your wildest dreams.

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Powerful Wealth HouseWorth $347

The ultimate training to becoming a paid traffic and CPA master. You will learn: How to become a master wordsmith that crafts ads that convert. The 3 most important competitive intelligence tools. How to use CPA effectively that basically forces the network to send you optimized traffic.

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Incredible Traffic Boost$299

A comprehensive video training series that walks you through some of my most profitable traffic methods that allow me to pull in upwards of 50,000 targeted visitors per month and run multiple 6 figure yearly businesses.

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Six Figure Profit$854

Step-by-step guide on how to set up your affiliate campaigns so that you can position yourself to make the most amount of money possible. Find out the exact offers and services that I promote and have detailed instructions on how you can start promoting them today.

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Powerful8s Also (powerful8s house ) was design to help you bulid your own digital business . You will have access to practical e-book which as been proven to work excellently! Some of it are free while you will pay to access our premium product .

You are welcome to add your own informational product and we will surely recognize you for that with a link back to your website.

Remember  “ we say informational product, it must be informative and up to date before we can add it”

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Our value is you.


Yes our value are people! who uses information we provide and build and a successful digital (online) Business .

Jagunmolu Faitheroic (our funder) Believes any one and everyone could be getting paid online but if only they find the right man, listing to the right people, and stated doing the right thing.

We got prove for your value. Success People among are 9Ty4four (Mudasiru Nurudeen ) Peakignite (Alani Samson Adekunle ) are part of them and more than score of successful men .

It's your turn, you will become a celebrity and be celebrated for life!

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SURE!   OUTSTANDING THOUGTH! If you ever think it that our mission is to get you paid , You are right . Don’t mistankenly believe we are here to take your money . NO!  Power House is built on win/win platform. We know you cannot continue become a member if you don't get paid . Which is why we will try our best to get you paid , more than downloading of informational product that we provide , but also with live practical support on skype and team viewer. You love that part :-) We love it too Join us today and let's fulfill  the mission together Thank you   Powerful8s Team   Signed  By Faitheroic

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Singed By faitheroic

About FGH|Team

FHG Dreamers are the reason why world worth living. The Idea begin a mind of young man, then pass it to the other minds. We begin few years back. Our mission is to take business to higher levels, especially digital marketing

It took us a few years to finally figure out how to make this happen. But today we have the ability to support small and medium business. You can at least surf through our official website. I Believe you will find our service useful.